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Our Work

Games Portfolio


Jewel Quest


I can't believe it's not native!

Bubble Town


Bubble bursting in the browser!



Top game on Games.com, Yahoo games, and more


(Making Fun)

Helped port this complex HTML5 web game to the Making Fun Platform

Whiskas Mix Mix Kitty


Guitar Hero for cats!

Deal or No Deal


Guess the right case and make millions


Deal or No Deal


Added new, social modes; rewrote extensible 3D code-base for Android


(Double Coconut)

Spin the wheel and challenge friends to guess the puzzle phrase!


(Ravel, Inc.)

iOS and Android app that makes getting to know cool new people into a game.


(In Collaboration with iWin)

Challenge friends and meet new ones, trying to guess the top answer to survey questions.

Hidden Quest

(In Collaboration with iWin)

Quality free to play hidden object game. Gorgeous levels.

Photo Phrase

(Double Coconut)

Hilarious game where you take photos to create word puzzles for your friends.

Jewel Quest Cross-Platform


A match-3 epic that interplays across iOS, Android, and Facebook


We've helped our partners deliver some of the industry's most successful games.

We grok free to play and know the ins and outs of Facebook, iOS, Android, and HTML5. Contact us for a proposal or more info.

Game Design

Social, casual, mobile; user interface (UI), user experience (UX); system design / game economy; monetization

Game Development

iOS (ObjectiveC / Swift), Android (Java), Facebook (Flash / ActionScript); 2D or 3D; casual or mid-core. Experts at cross-platform development with HTML5, Cocos2D, Libgdx, or Unity3D

Server Engineering

AWS, Scalability; Web engineering with Node.js, Linux, Apache, Java, Mongo, and MySql

How We Work

  • It Starts With an Idea

    We can help you turn a concept into a design document into UI wireframes then into a fully playable prototype or "minimal lovable product."

  • Games as Service

    After your app is released, we can build out web-based admin tools and integrate analytics to help grow and optimize your game, as well as handle updates and run special events.

  • We're Game!

    We love projects big and small -- as long as they're challenging.

  • No Substitute for Experience

    We're not just engineers, designers, and artists who make games... we live and breathe games and have dozens of years of experience shipping hits at places like Digital Chocolate, Telltale Games, Social Games Network, iWin, and EA.


Jason Loia, COO GAIA Online:

Double Coconut is one of the best-run mobile app dev shops out there; they are experienced, are quick to grok your spec, and deliver solid code on both the front and back end. David, Double Coconut's CEO, has put together a sharpshooter team that works extremely well with their clients, works tirelessly to deliver a great experience on screen and behind the scenes, and truly shares the desire to ship the best app above all else.

C.J. Wolf - CEO, iWin:

iWin has been working with Double Coconut for almost two years. We started out with one simple project and Double Coconut exceeded our expectations on that game from a quality, time and cost standpoint and ever since we have been allocating more and more projects to them. Double Coconut has a wide range of development capabilities from iOS, Android, HTML5, Facebook and PC so they have been a one-stop solution. But what I like most about Double Coconut is that they go above and beyond development by providing game design input. Given their numerous years of experience, they have great instincts about game play and game systems.

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