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We craft games and apps for amazing clients.

Specializing in cross-platform, connected experiences.
Our Work

Games Portfolio


Heads Up!

(WB/Ellen Digital Ventures)

Worked on the Android version of this mega-hit party game.

Deal or No Deal


Created all-new version of the game w/ slick graphics and system for real prizes.


(Double Coconut + Koreez)

A tough and twisted platform game where you play two sisters at the same time.



Android version of this social party game with hilarious topics.

Milky Way Miner

(Double Coconut)

Mine the galaxy in this idle game and work for (or undermine) an immortal tycoon.

Escape Disaster: Skyscraper!

(AppHoldings & Double Coconut)

Another day at works turns into escape from a towering inferno.


(Double Coconut + Koreez)

A meditative puzzle game that will bust your sprockets.

Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King

(Cosi Productions)

A swipe-three epic puzzle battler featuring the boxing legend.

Race Champ Slots

(Gold Games)

World-class social slots with unique bonus game based on real horse races.


(Double Coconut)

Spin the wheel and challenge friends to guess the puzzle phrase!

VR Interview Experience


A candidate interview experience for Cardboard and GearVR.

Bubble Town Tournament


A wacky bubble popping tournament. Pop strategically and maybe win cash!


(Ravel, Inc.)

iOS and Android app that makes getting to know cool new people into a game.

Hidden Quest

(Double Coconut)

Quality free to play hidden object game. Gorgeous levels.

Jewel Quest Cross-Platform


A match-3 epic that interplays across iOS, Android, and Facebook.


Fusebox Games

Watch funny videos, guess the phrase, just like on the hit TV game show.

Gameair Blackjack


Elegant and slick Blackjack app where you can win tickets and cash in for real prizes.

Shut the Fail Up!

(with Addicting Games)

A quizzical "rage game" guaranteed to make you fail, work hard, and fail again.


Viewer's Choice Award

(BET Networks)

Voting app, server dashboard, and mini-game - boost your vote with every point!

Multi-Bet Blackjack!

(Rush Street Interactive)

Real-money blackjack with side bets, voice-overs... the works!

Solitaire Collection

(Microsoft Studios)

The touchstone for Solitaire, packed with modes and challenges.

Deal or No Deal


Guess the right case, boldly refuse the banker's offer, and make millions.



Survey game. Top title on, Yahoo Games, and other portals.

Jewel Quest


The classic match-three game; over 50 levels. I can't believe it's not native!

Bubble Town Quest


Bubble bursting in the browser!
Dynamic physics and multiple levels.


(Making Fun)

Helped port this legendary card game to the Making Fun Platform.

Ultimate Mahjong

(Microsoft Studios)

Tile matching with almmost-endless series of modes, themes, and challenges.

Ultimate Word Games

(Microsoft Studios)

Three quality games - Crosswords, Wordament, and Jumble. Tons of levels and challenges!

Whiskas Mix Mix Kitty


Guitar Hero for cats!
Rockin' advergame plus leaderboard.



A game to educate and inspire kids impacted by Huntington's Disease.

Daily Crossword


An endless stream of crossword puzzles, with responsive mobile UI.

Daily Jigsaw


A new puzzle every day, with tons of shape and challenge options.


We help our partners deliver some of the industry's most successful games.

We grok free to play and know the ins and outs of Facebook, iOS, Android, and Web Games.
We also help create mixed reality (AR and VR) experiences!

Contact us now for a proposal or more info.

Game Design

Mobile and social. Deep experience with casual, kids / educational, and casino games.

User Interface (UI) wireframing and User Experience (UX)

System design / game economy; monetization; free to play; viral features.

And of course impactful and amazing art, animation, and audio!

Game Development

Mobile: Unity3D is our primary tool. Also native iOS (ObjectiveC / Swift), Android (Java)

2D or 3D; casual or mid-core.

Web: Foremost experts at cross-platform development with HTML5 / WebGL

Launch partner for Facebook Instant Games and WeChat Games

Virtual Reality: Google Cardboard, GearVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive

Augmented Reality: Vuforia SDK, Microsoft Hololens

Server Engineering

Multiplayer, merchandising tools, CMS / admin tools, analytics, gifting, leader boards, account management, cloud save, and more.

AWS and net-ops for handling players at scale.

Typical web engineering tech includes Node.js, Linux, Apache, Java, Mongo, and MySql.

How We Work

  • It Starts With an Idea

    We can help you turn a concept into a design document into UI wireframes then into a fully playable prototype or "minimal lovable product."

  • Play! Test! Observe! Iterate!

    We push to deliver a playable version of the game as quickly as possible, so everyone on the team can experience it. We then observe real members of the target audience as they play and refine the user experience or gameplay balance as needed.

  • Games as Service

    After your app is released, we can build out web-based admin tools and integrate analytics to help grow and optimize your game, understand the play patterns, as well as handle updates or run special events.

  • No Substitute for Experience

    We're not just engineers, designers, and artists who make games... we live and breathe games and have dozens of years of experience shipping hits at places like Digital Chocolate, Telltale Games, Social Games Network, iWin, and EA.

We're Game!

We love projects big and small -- as long as they're challenging.

The Team


Jason Loia - COO
GAIA Online:

Double Coconut is one of the best-run mobile app dev shops out there; they are experienced, are quick to grok your spec, and deliver solid code on both the front and back end. David, Double Coconut's CEO, has put together a sharpshooter team that works extremely well with their clients, works tirelessly to deliver a great experience on screen and behind the scenes, and truly shares the desire to ship the best app above all else.

Walter Hessert - CPO
Gold Games:

We chose Double Coconut because we felt confident after meeting their San Francisco-based management. The team delivered! The biggest concern was meeting quality standards in the mature social casino market while working with an outsourced, overseas team. Double Coconut worked seamlessly with our New York team, and all our expectations on the development side were exceeded!!

C.J. Wolf - CEO

We started out with one simple project and Double Coconut exceeded our expectations on that game from a quality, time and cost standpoint and ever since we have been allocating more and more projects to them. Double Coconut has a wide range of development capabilities from iOS, Android, HTML5, Facebook and PC so they have been a one-stop solution. But what I like most about Double Coconut is that they go above and beyond development by providing game design input. Given their numerous years of experience, they have great instincts about game play and game systems.

Chi Ogbuehi - Program Manager
BET Networks:

We partnered with Double Coconut to develop a multi-platform voting game. It was a really positive experience working with them. The team is amazing! Their professionalism, quick turnaround time, and delivery of quality code is refreshing. They have strong domain expertise in game development from both a front-end and back-end perspective. Overall, Double Coconut exceeded our expectations. David and his team worked diligently to deliver a great experience. I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again!.

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